Seattle Biometrics and Analysis, LLC

9320 40th AVE NE

Seattle, WA 98115  USA

(206) 268-0237

flewelling AT seattlebiometrics.com

Seattle Biometrics and Analysis, LLC develops and applies the sound statistical techniques of forest biometrics to remote sensing of forest inventories, with an emphasis on inferences derived from tree crowns individually delineated in lidar and other high-resolution imagery. Principal is James (Jim) Flewelling.

Jim Flewelling has been working in forest biometrics since high school. He graduated in 1972 with B.S. degrees in aeronautical engineering and industrial engineering.  He worked as a biometrician in Weyerhaeuser forestry research centers from 1974 through 1985, earning M.S. and PhD degrees in forestry along the way. He briefly worked as a statistician for Boeing, and then moved to consulting in forest biometrics. His exposure to high resolution image analysis and lidar started in 2005 with a consulting project using biometrics methods for imputation based on individual tree crowns. Forest inventory has traditionally used sound sampling methods and unbiased estimators; these principles can and should be applied to the modeling of high resolution imagery and lidar.






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